September 11, 2012

Microsoft's new logo

This is the new Microsoft's logo, it's square and it has nothing special. But it reminds me of the Chrome logo. Take a look at it.

August 23, 2012

Google new features

I really like the handwriting recognition it really works very well. Here's a video of the new features. Enjoy

August 20, 2012

Linux Zip Password Cracking

Here's a way to crack the zip files with passwords. First of all download and install fcrackzip, if you're on a debian based distro the command to run is :

# aptitude install fcrackzip

That's all. Once it's installed you'll have to run the command with few parameters here's some explanation of some options :

-b option will let you select the brute force attack mode. This means that it'll trie all the possibilities.

3D Scanner using the Kinect

This is a low cost 3D Scanner based on the Kinect look at the vidéo you'll see this is cool.

August 9, 2012

Flexible Battery

What do you think of a flexible battery ? this can be used for many purposes. This is very interesting.

August 7, 2012