Wayland !

Wayland is the new replacement of X.Org which is 30 years old. The new protocol seems to be better and it should resolve many problems in X.Org.

Here's a video about it :

October 31, 2012
September 11, 2012

Microsoft's new logo

This is the new Microsoft's logo, it's square and it has nothing special. But it reminds me of the Chrome logo. Take a look at it.

August 23, 2012

Google new features

I really like the handwriting recognition it really works very well. Here's a video of the new features. Enjoy

August 20, 2012

Linux Zip Password Cracking

Here's a way to crack the zip files with passwords. First of all download and install fcrackzip, if you're on a debian based distro the command to run is :

# aptitude install fcrackzip

That's all. Once it's installed you'll have to run the command with few parameters here's some explanation of some options :

-b option will let you select the brute force attack mode. This means that it'll trie all the possibilities.

3D Scanner using the Kinect

This is a low cost 3D Scanner based on the Kinect look at the vidéo you'll see this is cool.

August 9, 2012