Setup Raspbian on Raspberry PI

You just bought a new Raspberry PI ? Well that's cool let's install it. First of all we'll have to download the Raspbian OS which is a Debian GNU/Linux Distribution adapted to the Rasoberry PI Card.

So for this you'll need:

  1. an SD Card of 4GB (at least)
  2. an HDMI cable or RCA cable to connect the RPI to a screen
  3. a Keyboard + a mouse if you want to have a GUI
  4. Two eyes + a Brain + one hand (two hands will be better)

Ok let's start. First step is to pick the latest Rasbian version from

Once the download is finished extract the archive (you'll have an img file) and connect the SD Card to your computer.

Alright now we need to put that image into the SD Card. To do that :

  • On GNU/Linux (root privileges are needed):

Assuming that the img file name is 2013-07-26-wheezy-raspbian.img and that your SD Card is /dev/sdb, run the command:

# dd bs=1M if=2013-07-26-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/sdb

To check what's the device file for your SD Card you can use the command fdisk -l.

  • On Windows:

All you need on Windows is to download Win 32 Disk Manager ( and then select the img file and connect the SD Card.


Alright now we got our SD Card ready to use, connect it to the RPI and power on the card.

That's all now you'll need to configure the OS for the first time through the config tool and have fun.

Oh one last thing the default user on Rasbian is pi and the default password is raspberry it's highly recommanded to change the password.


August 4, 2013